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For Calvinists Young and Old

James K.A. Smith forays into the now-popular epistolary genre with the compact and accessible Letters to a Young Calvinist. It is timely, as Smith notes in the introduction, since as we celebrate the 500th anniversary of Calvin's birth, a "new Calvinism" has gained popularity among evangelicals. Smith identifies in some ways with these new Calvinists and their zeal, but he also seeks to put this new movement in conversation with the larger Calvinist historical-theological framework and worldview. Letters to a…

Tenth Presbyterian ChurchPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania

Rittenhouse Square arguably forms the heart of Center City Philadelphia. Walking past it on the Sunday morning of Labor Day weekend is a counter-cultural experience. Many others in the city of brotherly--and sisterly--love have left town for a weekend at the Shore or sit at cafes and coffee shops reading the Philadelphia Inquirer or New York Times. Yet I noticed a steady stream of people walking with me to Tenth Presbyterian Church. Looking up I couldn't help but notice a…
Susan A. Sytsma Bratt
November 1, 2009