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Book Reviews

Humility, From Two Angles

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to ask Eugene Heideman, who served the Reformed Church in America in a variety of roles for a half century, “What is the most important quality that a disciple of Jesus needs to demonstrate in our day and time?” He did a little bit of pondering on the question and then answered in a quite firm manner, “Humility; a follower of Jesus most needs humility!”  
December 30, 2022
Book Reviews

Including the Stranger: Foreigners in the Former Prophets

Firth’s volume is an implicit clarion call for readers of all stripes to continually build a proper catholic church: orthodox in belief, yet unimaginably diverse in participation. One does not need a slimmed-down, New Testament⁠— only Bible to come to such a conclusion⁠— it is a foundational element of Israel’s entire history. 
November 23, 2022
Book Reviews

Wild Hope: Prayers and Poems

This collection functions more like a book of daily prayer than a traditional poetry collection, and in fact, many of the poems included were originally intended for liturgies and worship services. The reader would be best served picking the book up daily to read and pray one of the poems.
October 6, 2022