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Finding Ourselves After Darwin: A Book Review

Due in large part to the continued media attention given to creationists and their agenda, Christianity is sometimes thought of as anti-science and very dogmatic. However, Finding Ourselves After Darwin, shatters this stereotype as the authors discuss many different viewpoints and perspectives on Christian theology, which are all supportive and accepting of modern evolutionary biology. The ideas presented in the book can open up new discussions on topics that Christians have dealt with for centuries and demonstrates two major points.…
July 15, 2020
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Building a Home for Learning

In my work with preservice teachers and in conversations with colleagues at Hope College, I frequently engage in questions of what it means to integrate faith and learning. Is it a matter of teaching Christian perspectives and ideas in a particular discipline? Is it about the worldview presuppositions that frame disciplinary assumptions and issues? Might it be about the ethos or ethic of ourselves as teachers? Does it boil down to the moments when we share our faith with students…
April 26, 2019
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Art as Concrete Theology

For anyone familiar with the interdisciplinary conversation in theology and the arts, Jeremy Begbie’s name is well known. Begbie has been arguing for music – and arts more broadly – as sites for serious theological engagement for some time (his first major monograph, Theology, Music, and Time, is now a landmark) and has pioneered an approach to doing theology that goes far beyond superficial attempts to get “behind the art” with questions of authorial intent. Begbie’s approach is, as he…
April 24, 2019
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Love and Hate: Christians and Rock Music in the 1960s

As a child of the 80s born to evangelical parents with a tall stack of Christian music on vinyl, I grew up with an odd mix of music. Music from an earlier era of secular styles was called “oldies.” Oldies were music that was once the devil’s music that had grown into AM-airwave fodder. Then there was country music, an old-time tradition often accompanied by gospel style and lyrics that developed into a saccharine substitute, with sad songs about lost…
April 17, 2019
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One Muslim’s Journey to Christ

There is no doubt that there is a wave of movements to Christ sweeping across the Islamic world, and this testimony by Abu Atallah with Kent Van Till is witness to that. As this movement grows, it is important that we in the West listen to voices that have been marginalized in the past: the voices of Muslim-background believers and of the historic Egyptian church, Protestant or Coptic. This book is an important addition to a growing collection of books…
January 1, 2019