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Why We’re Polarized

Klein’s work is fascinating, compelling, and frightening. Christian leaders, in particular, should read this book to understand our times, and hopefully to prevent the Church from being one of the casualties of our divided culture.
April 28, 2021
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The End of The Christian Life

In this Covid reality, Billings’s thesis is as essential as ever: “We are beloved yet small and mortal children of God, bearing witness to the Lord of creation who will set things right on the final day."
March 24, 2021
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Finding Ourselves After Darwin: A Book Review

Due in large part to the continued media attention given to creationists and their agenda, Christianity is sometimes thought of as anti-science and very dogmatic. However, Finding Ourselves After Darwin, shatters this stereotype as the authors discuss many different viewpoints and perspectives on Christian theology, which are all supportive and accepting of modern evolutionary biology. The ideas presented in the book can open up new discussions on topics that Christians have dealt with for centuries and demonstrates two major points.…
July 15, 2020