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Denominational Idolatry

I was standing on a crowded Washington DC metro one morning, nauseated from all of this bouncing wild like a tennis ball inside of me. I glanced at the faces around me—a mixture of beautiful colors and cultures from around the world and no doubt carrying unseen burdens. Each believed a variety of things about God, and each had been brought to this moment down a long path I knew nothing about. I realized that likely not one of these…
September 4, 2023

You Can’t Go Home Again

I look forward to joining the old and the new and healing some of the pain of the intervening years, remembering that life is filled with highs and lows and change, but in the end there is hope—a hope that isn’t dependent on a changing world, but on a God who never changes.
August 21, 2023

It Was Jesus Who Came and Got Me

In many faith stories, there is often a “come to Jesus” moment, when the person realizes that they need Christ in a way they never appreciated before. My story isn’t like that. In my case, it was Jesus who came and got me.
July 31, 2023