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Telling Stories in the Dark

Finding Healing and Hope in Sharing Our Sadness, Grief, Trauma, and Pain

By Jeffrey Munroe

In the darkest corners of our lives, where sorrow, trauma, grief and pain reside, there exists a profound capacity for resilience and hope. Telling Stories in the Dark by Jeffrey Munroe is a uniquely inspiring non-fiction book that illuminates the transformative power of sharing our most profound experiences of suffering.

Within the pages of this remarkable compilation, you will encounter the stories of ordinary individuals who, when confronted with profound adversity, chose to do something extraordinary: they transformed their pain. Munroe, a skilled storyteller and compassionate guide, takes us on a poignant journey through the lives of these remarkable individuals who have harnessed the redemptive potential of their suffering, what Munroe’s mentor Frederick Buechner calls “the stewardship of pain.”

When we tell our stories, and when we listen well to each other’s stories, we discover much about what it means to be human. We discover there are others like us. We discover our feelings aren’t unusual. We discover we aren’t alone. And sometimes we discover God in the midst of our stories.