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Reformed Journal’s purpose is to express the Reformed faith theologically; to engage issues that Reformed Christians meet in personal, ecclesiastical, and societal life; and thus to contribute to the mission of the church of Jesus Christ.








I’ve written for The Twelve and for the journal — this is a small organization with big plans and a solid record of accomplishment. Please give us a look — and a contribution would be good, too.

Prof. James Vanden BoschCalvin College

We want the journal to live up to its name; we want to represent a variety of thoughtful perspectives on the issues facing the church. We want the journal to be a dialogue, a place where Christians can respectfully disagree, a place where important ideas can be expressed and challenged.

Prof. Jason LiefNorthwestern College

As I reflected on why The Twelve blog matters, I kept thinking of specific posts that have stunned me, changed me, bugged me, or rooted me. I kept thinking of how grateful I am to have a window into the hearts and thoughts and prayers and insights of so many faithful folks I respect so much.

Kate KooymanOffice of Social Justice, CRCNA

Our job is to “Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all the people” (1 Chron 16:24). It is not enough to privately acknowledge God’s good work—we are called to share that knowledge as deeply and as widely as we can.

Prof. Jennifer L. HolbergCalvin College