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We cannot produce the Reformed Journal without your help. This year we’re offering not one, not two, but three books for those who give a gift of at least $300 between now and the end of 2023. You’ll receive the books in early 2024.

You will receive:

Enemies in the Orchard

A World War 2 Novel in Verse

Enemies in the Orchard by Dana VanderLugt. Dana is a frequent contributor to the Reformed Journal, and Enemies in the Orchard is her debut novel. The story comes out of historical fact: during World War II, German prisoners of war worked in Dana’s family’s apple orchard. Newberry Honor winner Gary Schmidt says the book’s “narrative is surprising, its characters complex, and its focus on forgiveness and love, and the meaning of the good and full life, is honest and heady.” Although released as a book for young readers, Enemies in the Orchard is for all ages.

Learn more about Dana and her new novel from her recent RJ article. She can also be found at and on Twitter @danavanderlugt.

But wait, there’s more.

Trauma and Race

A Path to Wellbeing

Trauma and Race: A Path to Wellbeing by Micah McCreary. Micah is President of New Brunswick Theological Seminary and a clinical psychologist who has done therapy with people wounded by racial oppression. This book draws on Micah’s experiences as a therapist combined with the theological insight he brings as a member of a seminary community. “This book is sure to be a classic text in its field,” says Reggie Williams of McCormick Theological Seminary.

You can find President McCreary’s full bio on the New Brunswick Theological Seminary website.

But wait, there’s more.

Telling Stories in the Dark

Finding Healing and Hope in Sharing Our Sadness, Grief, Trauma, and Pain

Telling Stories in the Dark by Jeffrey Munroe. Jeff is the editor of the Reformed Journal. This book is being produced as our first “Reformed Journal Book.” Jerry Sittser, author of A Grace Disguised, said, “Jeffrey Munroe has written an unusual book. It is hard to classify, which is one of its strengths. . . . the combination of powerful stories and deep. Insightful reflection on those stories makes this book so moving, compelling, and informative. I read it in one sitting. It drew me in, kept me there, and captivated me.”

To take advantage of this offer, please either click on the donate button below or send a check to: Reformed Journal, PO Box 1282, Holland, Michigan, 49422.

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