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A Word to Gatekeepers

I’m no theologian, but I am a Bible-reading Christ follower, and after rereading the gospels recently, I can’t cite an instance where Jesus meets needy people honestly seeking him and keeps them away: Samaritans, prostitutes, lepers, adulterers, demon-possessed, tax collectors, prodigal sons. Regardless of their sins or ailments or reputations, he opens the gate to every one of them. It’s the Pharisees and, sometimes, the over-zealous disciples he reprimands for trying to close it.
June 3, 2024

Prayer in the Desert Times

Regardless of the various idols scattered throughout contemporary society, God keeps offering us the amazing gift of prayer, the assurance that God is still listening and still speaking, especially in the beauty and holiness of the sheer silence of the still small voice that is beckoning to us.
May 27, 2024

“Summer Drums” by Steven Peterson

In this episode of the poetry edition, Steven Peterson talks about his poem “Summer Drums.” Steven writes poems and plays in Chicago. A selection of his poems are in the anthology Taking Root in the Heart (Paraclete Press, 2023). His recent poems appear in Alabama Literary Review, The Christian Century, Dappled Things, First Things, Reformed Journal, and elsewhere. His plays have been produced around the USA and he is currently a resident playwright at Chicago Dramatists.
May 21, 2024

A Meditation on Darkness – Part Two

While I struggled with my dad’s lack of physical touch and his emotional distance, he touched me in ways that I had not fully appreciated and that have shaped me profoundly. When I consider his call, commitment, and generosity, my ambivalence gives way to acceptance and my burden of sadness lifts.
May 13, 2024