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After Christmas Dinner

By September 27, 2022 No Comments

we drive to see a house ablaze in light
windows trimmed in green and more green
the doors flash red and white, our faces glow incandescent
big bulbs small bulbs icicles tinsel yet somehow
a Lite-Brite with all its pegs is never too much

it’s been happening forever, cars passing slower than normal
porch boombox playing “Pretty Paper” slower, too
the way a whole town hurries there when it’s snowing
the stillness in a mother’s lap
the arguments ended without winning

Photo by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash

Jessica Whipple

Jessica Whipple is a writer for adults and children. Her poetry has been published by One Art, Nurture, Ekstasis, Rathalla Review, Stanchion, Hedgerow, and Pittsburgh Quarterly, with some forthcoming in Door Is a Jar and Pine Hills Review. Her debut picture book titled ENOUGH IS... will be published spring 2023 by Tilbury House, and another titled I THINK I THINK A LOT by Free Spirit Publishing. Jessica has always enjoyed writing and reading poetry.