by Clayton Carlson “Of course you are smart, your dad is a scientist.” My kids, who tend to do pretty well in school, have heard a comment like that more than once. There are different ways to interpret what they…
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Prophecy and Climate

Jeremiah 22 (link) offers a clear and concise warning from God. The message is addressed to the King of Judah who sits on the throne of David. But, as verse two of the chapter indicates,
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Ecclesiastes and Science

The universe is vast. On average, it is about 140 million miles to Mars, which is our next door neighbor. Considering the broader solar system (from Neptune to the sun) if we were to throw a dart at the solar…
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For I Am Convinced

I was one of those kids who always responded to altar calls. Being raised in a conservative Christian household during the turbulent ‘60s, I had plenty opportunities to answer them. The moving words of pastors, evangelists, youth leaders and summer…