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Though you had always lived in light, you looked
deep in the dark, and chose the way of pain.

Deep in the dark, we chose the way of pain
and ran from the light in our fear and shame.

You ran from the light, into our fear and shame,
to where we sat soaked in well-deserved tears.

You wept a well of undeserved tears,
and limped with joy to the brutal cross.

We look with joy at the brutal cross, at
your pierced hands and outstretched arms, wide with love.

Your pierced hands and outstretched arms, wide with love,
reach to rescue us from our endless night.

You reached to rescue us from endless night,
and with you, we will always live in light.

Photo by Joshua Eckstein on Unsplash

Steven Searcy

Steven Searcy lives with his wife and three sons in Atlanta, GA, where he earns a living working as an engineer in fiber optic telecommunications. His poetry has been published in Ekstasis.

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