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Green bills shimmy onto the stage
floor from hands who gave
them up to a box named “charity”

a plaque: “money is the root of evil”
purge the evil
from your pockets—give
that those praying hands might open palms
to for-give

flushed cheeks
we can no longer fan ourselves with cash
sweat drips down
into a bucket labeled: “holy
water” and we dip our fingers

pass the cup, sip our sweat
our stomachs swell with 

still yet uncollected: the water from Jesus’ side
His spit in our ears, the mud in our eyes

given the chance
would we deign
to be divine

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Michelle Chin

Michelle E. Chin is a Boston-based writer. She holds a BA in English/Creative Writing and French from Wellesley College, and she is currently working on a new adult novel. Her writing has appeared in Mass Poetry and (in)courage.