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At the greenhouse where
I worked one summer
I discovered a cloudy pool
cupped in landscape plastic.
The worm trapped there
belonged in another vessel:
cow’s rumen, dog’s gut,
its nail-head end leading pale body
in languid filigrees through
standing water, parasite
in blind search for host.
If such a hideous thing
innocent of true evil
could grow in plain sight
under bleaching July sun
what writhing, sucking thing
can darkness produce?

Photo by Elee Vigil on Unsplash

Jessica Whipple

Jessica Whipple is a writer for adults and children. Her poetry has been published by One Art, Nurture, Ekstasis, Rathalla Review, Stanchion, Hedgerow, and Pittsburgh Quarterly, with some forthcoming in Door Is a Jar and Pine Hills Review. Her debut picture book titled ENOUGH IS... will be published spring 2023 by Tilbury House, and another titled I THINK I THINK A LOT by Free Spirit Publishing. Jessica has always enjoyed writing and reading poetry.

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