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There were no ropes
just a net of hands
to catch me in the stone
house that held the world
where he sat teaching
heaven to receive me.

I fell through the earth 
and straw roof – a body
beneath the sky suspended
in a temple by a temple
and landed on holy ground
as a temple uncursed.

I stepped into the garden
restored and carrying
no shame on new legs
and the sea parted
astonished for me
and my four friends floating.

You can hear the author talk about this poem on the Reformed Journal Podcast.

Ryan Keating

Ryan Keating is a writer, teacher, and pastor on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. His work can be found in publications such as Saint Katherine Review, Ekstasis Magazine, Amethyst Review, Macrina Magazine, Fathom, Fare Forward, Roi Fainéant, and Funicular. His chapbook, “A Dance In Medias Res” is now available from Wipf and Stock.


  • David Landegent says:

    This is good! I especially like the last three lines. They remind me of the scene from “The Chosen” where the healed man walks through the crowd to their astonishment.

    • Ryan Keating says:

      Thanks, David! I’m glad you appreciated the poem. I have imagined many times what it might have “looked like” when the man walked out of the house and through the crowd carrying his mat. In those last lines I tried to make a referenxe to the parting of the red sea (another salvation event) and the emotion of the friends who brought him there. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

  • D.S. Martin says:

    Hey Ryan, I love how the poetry takes over from the narrative. It makes me feel like I’m the healed man, free and floating.

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