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An open hand and wit enough to grasp
the punctured palm and hold on tight,
like seas that cannot leave the shore but rasp
its cheeks and shrug at every blow and slight

the weather throws in shards upon their waves:
if you were offered such a hand as gift,
leant down from that great chariot that saves,
would you be brave enough to let him lift

you from the slough in which you agonize,
or would you turn away towards the dark,
towards the fondled dreams and tattered lies
that are your goal, your target and your mark?

He waits, his arm outstretched towards you now,
his horses neighing, restless for your yes.
It’s none but love that’s offered like a vow
not raised in accusation but to bless.

Photo by JOHN TOWNER on Unsplash

Sean O'Neill

Sean O'Neill was born in Scotland, but has lived in the USA for the past 15 years. He has had poetry published in a variety of journals including The Ottawa Literary Review, Living Bulwark and American Literary. Sean has published 16 collections of poetry and is the author of five novels and four non-fiction books, including the bestselling "How To Write a Poem: A Beginner's Guide.” He runs the Kolbitars Poetry Group in Lansing, Michigan.