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(after Scott Erickson’s With Us – Face to Face)

Did it feel different, I wonder,
to hold the child? Could she hear
the hum of creation vibrating inside
of him, everything densely packed
into that little nucleus? Could she feel
through his skin the warmth
of all that starlight wrapped up tight
into a helix? Or was his glory
completely masked in humanity:
shrill cries, skin slippery with birth,
infinite eyes not yet opened?

Photo by ANIRUDH on Unsplash

Matthew J. Andrews

Matthew J. Andrews is a private investigator and writer. He is the author of the chapbook I Close My Eyes and I Almost Remember, and his poetry has appeared in Rust + MothPithead Chapel, and EcoTheo Review, among others. He can be contacted at


  • Joyce Looman Kiel says:

    We listened yesterday on RJ podcast with Rose Postma, as you read your beautiful poem—unanswerable questions from a private investigator. Paradoxical. Thank you for drawing us into the mystery.
    Joyce and Wes

  • Dawn Alpaugh says:

    I LOVE this poem. I’ve read it several times. Thank you for sharing your gift and for giving us a beautiful & larger image of Mary and Jesus.