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Curve of her lip since birth
round and wide
cherry jello puff and perfect.

Plums purple, gleaming
no, black —
from the tree heavy with the ripe of summer.

How the trees form
the capital letter D
off the dune as a frame over the misty lake.

Silkworm trails
there every morning
visible only in the mist.

Fermented carrots
slim and salt swimming
in a bath of pickle.

Photo by Anna Evans on Unsplash

Kate Bolt

Kate Bolt lives in Holland, Michigan where she is heavily involved in many volunteer efforts including her work on the board of directors for the Holland Public Schools’ Educational Foundation, Western Theological Seminary and in many other ways at Third Reformed Church. A graduate of Anderson University, Kate’s social work degree prepared, and influenced, her work as a Young Life Church Partner and on Young Life committees both in Holland (the Netherlands) and in Holland, Michigan. Kate is the owner of Living Lark, a food and lifestyle company promoting events (focusing on non-profit events that are close to Kate’s heart) in the West Michigan area by serving original and creative recipes. Mother to Jack, Willem, and Vivian, and married to Dan, Kate enjoys traveling, cooking, paddle-boarding, and sitting on her porch while reading as many books as possible during the summer.