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Prayer on Waking

By September 7, 2021 One Comment

For this icy rain, assaulting
the bedroom window, let me be
truly thankful,

and for the winter palette beyond:
the zinc-colored sky and clutching
branches, and this sad slice
of the neighbor’s yard

softened by frosted glass;
a composition that, with a greater measure               
of your love, I might cherish instead                         

as a small, lost Vermeer— View of Seattle
in January with Rusted Trampoline
and hence, a miracle,

proof, once again, of the way art
can pierce an ordinary life     
and make it beautiful enough to cling to. 

Photo by naomi tamar on Unsplash

Jennifer Maier

Jennifer Maier's debut collection, Dark Alphabet (Southern Illinois UP), was named one of "Ten Remarkable Books of 2006" by the Academy of American Poets and was a finalist for the 2008 Poets' Prize. Her second collection, Now, Now, was published in 2013 by the University of Pittsburgh Press. A third volume, The Occupant, is expected out next year from The University of Pittsburg Press.

One Comment