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Often we need what we have sent away–
dismissed as blasphemous on some happier day–
then suddenly we’re desperate to know
a snippet of the future – and we’ll go
to any lengths to get it – even raise
the dead. Surely they’ll speak for food, or praise?

But do we really need them? Didn’t we
know all along that total tragedy
was coming? That the race, the fight, was lost
before it started – giving up the cost
before we threw the dice on faith and doubt?

So why not try to keep our children out
of danger? Tell them not to fight this war —
knowing they loathe us. Or love others more.

Photo by Alois Komenda on Unsplash

Gail White

Gail White is a contributing editor of Light Poetry Magazine and is widely published in formalist poetry journals. Her most recent book, Asperity Street, can be found on Amazon, along with her chapbook Catechism. Home is in Breaux Bridge, LA, where the cats are.