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How they search for something to eat
now winter has come, how they puff up
to stay warm, to survive these hard times
long enough to greet spring again.  Yet,
how is it we never find their slim bodies
after they die; a feather found in the snow,
nothing more? As if they’ve become one
with the air. As if they’ve become a last breath
that’s escaped the cage of the body
to fly on invisible wings, to breathe
in concert with all living things. Look,
how the birds love their lives. Look,
how the sky loves their flying.

Photo by Christian Søgaard on Unsplash

Heidi Garnett

Heidi Garnett was born near Gdansk (Danzig) during WWII.  Prior to being expulsed in 1945-46, her Mennonite family had farmed the Danziger Werder since the 1500's.  Her poems have been published in literary journals throughout Canada, the USA and in Great Britain.  Two years ago, she was shortlisted for the Mitchell Prize sponsored by Image Journal.  In addition, she has also won the Winston-Collins prize and was shortlisted by Canada Writes, Arc, Antigonish Review, CV2, Rattle in California and others.  She is presently working on a novel based on a tape her father left about how he walked across wartorn Germany and Poland to find his wife and child trapped behind Russian lines, as well as a third poetry collection.