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A friend loves at all times … a sibling is born for adversity — Proverbs 17:17

friendship is a reciprocal relationship
characterized by intimacy
made faithful because in-to-me-you-see
trusting truth–no longer needing proof
that you care deeply

friendship is unmotivated kindness
relationships devoid of mindlessness
that prevents forgiveness and restoration

friendship is not smothering
it is being with another while uncovering
the supernatural strengthening
of mortal beings

but most powerfully,
friendship is found in you and me
as we explore our relationship with Divinity

i see anetra through a prism
an object that reflects light into dark chasms

complicated by possibilities of oppression
irritated by relational neglection

disenfranchised by health betrayals
confused and concerned about life’s travails

undecided but not divided
between possibilities and abnormalities
seeking simplicity during overwhelming extremity

watching disaster … and still loving laughter
without judging and dodging the devastating after
struggling with shame, broken by pain
redemption is near and hope remains

truth is in a painful pit
agony so powerful it produces an existential split

devoted even when people transgress
standing strong and being blessed

damaged to the core
yet striving to restore
the affection and expressions that allow you once more
to experience joy and pain
embracing the sunshine and the rain

so come thou fount of
every blessing
tune our hearts to sing thy grace

grace that frees us from shackles of heavy burdens
grace that parts and destroys the dividing curtains
grace that grants peace and prevail
leading us to paradise and not hell

we no longer hide behind chosen mask
we become the preordained champions at last
openly displaying that beautiful smile
sharing that contagious laughter
heard for miles

we retreat with purpose
flying high above the circus of problems and danger
lightning flashes and thunder roars
but while retreating we listen and sore

we open our hearts and souls
bring rest, calm, and sweet communion
for in your arms even foe and friend find reunion

we experience awe and reverence
we move from devastation to deference
as we become better stewards of creation
mindful of the destructive traps that endure
we become committed freedom-fighters for sure

beauty before us
beauty behind us
beauty to the right of us
beauty to the left of us
beauty above us
beauty beneath us

let us go forth from this memorial
remembering our friendships
walking the good path
living the good way
see through the prism of neat

Photo by Tyler Casey on Unsplash

Micah L. McCreary

A native of Detroit, Micah McCreary is the twelfth president of New Brunswick Thelogical Seminary. Prior to coming to NBTS, Micah was president and CEO of McCreary and Madison Associates, a pscyhological and human resouces consulting firm headquarterd in Richmond, VA. He has also serves as a tenured Associate Professor of Psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University where he also held the positions of Assistant Vice Provost for Diversity, Quality Enhancement Plan Coordinator, and Co-Director of the the Counseling Psychology Program. He holds Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the University of Michigan; a Master of Divinity from the Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology, Virginia Commonwealth University; and a Master of Science and Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University.

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