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Like moths attracted to the light,

we swarm together, drawn to warmth,

the solace of some company.

Perhaps the darkness is not feared

for the evil it can hide,

but for the place that it reveals,

in which we stand


                 unable to find

       the currents raised

by fellow travelers’ hovering wings

to encourage us to fly

this ancient route,

      the soul’s migration

                out of




Elizabeth S.E. McBride

Elizabeth S.E. McBride is the author of "Most Beautiful," a collection of poetry and prose about the town of Glen Arbor, MI and the Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore area (2019). Her individual works may be seen in the following literary journals and publications: Dunes Review, Louisiana Literature, Third Wednesday, Red River Review, Seeding the Snow, Scintilla, Poetry Breakfast, and Peninsula Poets.