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The shoot will come up
From the dry ground
Tender plant


Tangled roots push up
Branch bearing fruit
From a stump


Cut off from living
Hope uprooted
Laid lifeless


Dust and stone tumble
Reveal first fruits
Perfect gift


Tiniest seed grows
Plant into tree
Shade for birds


Bearing twelve fruit crops
Leaves for healing
Tree of life


Planted by water
Drinking in grace
Day and night


Photo by Hitesh Patel on Unsplash

Jean Schreur

Jean Schreur enjoys writing poetry about the liturgical year and poems about Biblical characters. Several poems have been published with The Poiema Poetry Series (Wipf and Stock). Her church has also published two small collections of her poetry. She meets monthly with a writing group.

One Comment

  • John K says:

    Thank you Jean!
    Great imagery in re ecological matters. The birth of our Lord. The Tree of Life. We as trees planted by the streams of living water, for the healing of the nations.
    And the Garden metaphor. Yes. And always with a mindset of expectancy.
    Tying great biblical themes together in one place. Great lead-in to Christmas and Christ coming again.
    Thanks again!