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Lighting the Way toward Hope in Latinx Young Adult Literature

Often when Christians think or talk about race, diversity inequity, justice, or inclusion, we are overwhelmed by the depth of the brokenness of the world, by the guilt that the church and its people share over the years for treating our neighbors in this way, and by the vastness of the problem which seems to render any attempt we can make to address the problem utterly hopeless.  What Tactics of Hope in Latinx Children’s and Young Adult Literature offers is…

Judgment versus Community

Orbiting Jupiter ORBITING JUPITER GARY D. SCHMIDT CLARION BOOKS, 2015 $18 192 PAGES In the first chapter of Gary Schmidt's latest young-adult novel, Orbiting Jupiter, a social worker warns Jack and his parents about Joseph, the foster child they are thinking of taking in. Joseph has served time in two juvenile halls. While in one, he reportedly tried to kill a teacher. And even though Joseph, like Jack, is in middle school, Joseph has another secret that sets him apart.…
William Boerman-Cornell
November 1, 2016