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Growing Old (and Less Enchanted) with Bono

JANUARY 2012: ESSAY by Brian Porter "One could do worse than be a lover of U2." So said Howard Schaap in "Music and Politics: U2 and the Country of Adolescence" in the June/July issue of Perspectives. I agree. But I found it interesting that Schaap felt obliged to justify attending two U2 concerts this past summer. Meanwhile, I feel the need to explain my grappling with a similar U2 dilemma, but reaching a different conclusion. After much deliberation, I chose…
Brian Porter
October 30, 2014

Can Social Policy Foster Christian Morality?

A reciprocal relationship exists between the structure of a society and its people. The way one thinks and behaves is profoundly influenced by the policies of the place where one lives. At the same time, social and economic policies are shaped by the cultural environment in which they are enacted. They are often presumed to be the result of a consensus in the society that chooses them, and hence to best reflect the values and priorities of the majority. Yet,…