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EP1-2 Chuck DeGroat

Welcome to the Perspectives Journal Podcast where we have conversation with thoughtful and interesting people from a generously Reformed Perspective. We’ll be covering topics from theology and church to the arts and sciences. Today, one of our guest bloggers for the Twelve is with us, Chuck De Groat. He is discussing his article "What in the World Does it Mean to be Reformed?" from May 29, 2018. Among other things, in this episode we learn more about Chuck DeGroat and…
As We See ItMagazine

We Need to Talk

Pardon the length of this piece, but we really need to talk. It’s become inevitable that I’ll get a call or email once or twice a month asking to consult with a church on a lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender-questioning dialogue. Most often, I’m grateful that churches seek to be more informed, engaged and conversant. But this essay is not about the LGBTQ conversation necessarily. It’s about the first question I ask when I’m invited in: “How does your church talk about sexuality in…
Chuck DeGroat
June 30, 2018
Inside Out

Look before You Tweet

As an undergraduate student, I was an editorial writer for the Dordt College newspaper. Together with a young band of know-it-all comrades, we took on the institution – the president, the board, the faculty – anyone in our line of sight who didn’t “get it” like we did. It was a revolutionary time. The Berlin Wall was coming down. Students were protesting in Tiananmen Square. Mandela was released from jail. We were living in the moment – participating! We felt…
Chuck DeGroat
February 29, 2016

A Church for the City: Present Realities and Future Challenges

MARCH 2012: ESSAY by Chuck DeGroat and Rachael Butler How do you view the city? Terms of derision abound: Crime-ridden. Busy. Scary. Drug-infested. Liberal. Over-crowded. Hopeless. And the caricatures are as old as scripture. It was Cain, the first citybuilder, who killed Abel, the brother who tended the flocks. And there was David, the great warrior in the wilderness who became a great sinner when he moved to the city. And, of course, Jesus was born in a stable, but…

Black Bag Theology

I'm Reformed for a bunch of reasons. My reasons aren't the same now as they were back when I was an arrogant eighteen-year-old, when I wielded a theological hammer in the shape of a tulip. It's taken living a while. It's taken being in ministry for fifteen years. It's taken therapy. And what I've come to is the sober realization that the rabbit hole goes far deeper than my theological texts could have shown me. The great Harvard poet Robert…
Chuck DeGroat
December 1, 2011