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Thriving with Stone Age Minds: Evolutionary Psychology, Christian Faith, and the Quest for Human Flourishing

Thriving with Stone Age Minds is a highly readable book, free from overly technical descriptions when discussing either science or theology. Barrett is both personal and funny and he touches upon more topics than these few pages can support. But, for me, this book offered a beautiful answer to the question, How does evolutionary theory help you to better worship Christ?
Clay Carlson
April 29, 2022

Prophecy and Climate

Jeremiah 22 (link) offers a clear and concise warning from God. The message is addressed to the King of Judah who sits on the throne of David. But, as verse two of the chapter indicates,
Clay Carlson
January 16, 2019

Ecclesiastes and Science

The universe is vast. On average, it is about 140 million miles to Mars, which is our next door neighbor. Considering the broader solar system (from Neptune to the sun) if we were to throw a dart at the solar system, the odds of hitting anything would only be about one in 10 million. Further out, the next closest star in our galaxy is 4 light years, or tens of trillions of miles away. Andromeda, the next closest galaxy, is…
Clay Carlson
October 3, 2018

Wrestling with Miracles

As a scientist, I find reading Scripture can sometimes be difficult. I believe that the Bible is the living word of God, a text written for me, even if it is not written to me. But when I encounter stories about a man who walks on water, spit that gives sight to the blind or a crowd who walks through the Red Sea, I sometimes squirm with discomfort. I have the opportunity to teach the miracles of God’s creation every…
Clay Carlson
April 30, 2016