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Plan A

We’ve all heard a story that goes something like this: In the beginning God created a beautiful and perfect universe. To crown his creation, he made humanity in his own image. Human beings were perfect and immortal. Life was serene and wonderful. There were no predatory animals and no death. But then came the Fall. Adam and Eve disobeyed God’s command and plunged creation into decay, destruction and death. The perfect creation was ruined. Now God had to come up…
Daniel Boerman
December 30, 2017

Money, Health, and Immortality

In the course of his many travels, Gulliver in Gulliver's Travels visited a country in which he heard about certain people called the struldbrugs who never died. Gulliver's first reaction upon hearing about these immortal people was to rhapsodize about how wonderful such an unending life would be. But when he actually met them, he found them to be pitiful, shrunken old skeletons who had lost their teeth, hair, and taste as well as their memory, reason, and ability to…
Daniel Boerman
October 16, 2006