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Resurrection Hope and Difficult Funerals

A sudden, surprising death. The death of a young person. A funeral for someone with only distant connections to faith and the church. How can pastors and congregations at large respond in light of Christian hope? What does it mean to grieve, but not as those who have “no hope” (1 Thess. 4:13)? On April 20, a group of pastors and interested laypersons gathered at Western Theological Seminary to discuss these, and other, pressing questions. The following adaptation gives some…

The Public Presence of the Missional Church: Transient, Transparent, and Transformational

Denise Kingdom Grier The Samaritan woman showed up at the well that day and probably every other day before. There was no one there to welcome her. She likely felt she was in this situation because of her own doing, her own life choices. She was walking around in her space, in her own culture, yet she did not feel welcome. There was no one there to welcome her. No one inviting her to come and see. That was, until…
Denise Kingdom Grier
October 16, 2008