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Inside Out

Where You Were Born Matters

“Nazareth! Can anything good come from there?” Nathaniel asked. “Come and see,” said Philip. – John 1:46 While reading Psalm 87, my attention was caught by the fourth verse. God speaks: “Among those who know me, I mention Rahab and Babylon; Philistia too, and Tyre, with Ethiopia – ‘This one was born there,’ they say.” (Some scholars think Rahab in this verse is a reference to Egypt.) The psalm ends, “Indeed, it shall be said of Zion, ‘This one and…
George Brown Jr.
April 23, 2015
As We See It

Coincidence or Correlation?

MAY/JUNE 2014: AS WE SEE IT by George Brown Jr. What caught my attention that afternoon was the word "Rogue": someone dishonest, a nonconformist or playfully mischievous. The word shone out in bright chrome letters on the back of the SUV stopped in front of my car. While I waited for the traffic light to change, I thought "Rogue" was an apt name for the way the SUV had been driven the past few blocks. Perhaps in a hurry to…
George Brown Jr.
May 1, 2014

Church Renewal–A Different Voice

Gathered before God is the result of conviction and curiosity. Jane Rogers Vann is convinced that "God is calling the church to be renewed at its lifegiving center, worship" (p. 10). Her curiosity is expressed in the form of two questions: "How do we learn the Christian life from the experience of congregational worship? How do renewal in worship and spiritual renewal in congregations complement and support each other?" (p. 2).Motivated by conviction and curiosity, Vann focused her attention on…
George Brown Jr.
January 16, 2005