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Poetry by Karis Granberg-Michaelson

JUNE/JULY 2008: POETRY Casualties This is a smart poem as certain bombs are smart. This poem knows where to land. This poem will not mutilate the hands of children, blow arms from their sockets. This poem is Deliberate. Forget it. Trajectory of national apologies, please, baby, please, stay on target. But I can't promise when I kiss you my eyes won't bulge, a survivor sucking the air, mess of ash, ass- backwards, alive. This poem will kill the right people.…

We are Who We are by the Grace of God

In our series, "Taking the Long View," we interview senior leaders in the Reformed and Presbyterian community, asking them to reflect on their experiences and careers, noting the achievements, changes and challenges affecting the Reformed tradition today.  All of these women and men have made distinguished contributions to the church, the academy, or the professions, and are approaching or enjoying retirement.  However, we think you will find them anything but "retiring."  It is our hope that the accumulated wisdom and…