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Book Reviews

Turning from Shame to Wholeness

Wholeheartedness: Busyness, Exhaustion, and Healing the Divided Self WHOLEHEARTEDNESS: BUSYNESS, EXHAUSTION, AND HEALING THE DIVIDED SELF CHUCK DEGROAT WM. B. EERDMANS PUBLISHING, 2016 208 PAGES $15 We are guilty as charged. In Wholeheartedness: busyness, exhaustion, and healing the divided self, Chuck DeGroat aptly describes our destructive internal hunger for self-perfection and personal achievement: “Ashamed of our humanness, we’re constantly aspiring to become gods. The relentless drive to perfect ourselves leads to feats of extraordinary achievement. And utter exhaustion.” He writes …

Cross-Shattered Christ and The Seven Last Words from the Cross

Stanley Hauer was is rarely understated. His vast corpus reveals a ready willingness to confront theological conversations with provocative wit and confidence. Titles from other writings reveal some of this "theological swagger" (Resident Aliens: Life in the Christian Colony; After Christendom? How the Church Is To Behave If Freedom, Justice, and a Christian Nation Are Bad Ideas; A Better Hope: Resources for a Church Confronting Capitalism, Democracy, and Postmodernity). Truth be told, Hauerwas's bold engagement with the issues of the…
Karsten Voskuil
March 16, 2006