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Atonement Conversation…Continued

In the February issue, three Reformed theologians, George Hunsinger, Gabriel Fackre and Leanne Van Dyk, held a conversation about Christ's atoning work and current challenges and questions about it, "A Discussion of the Atonement: Abuse, Violence Sacrifice and the Cross." To keep the discussion going, here are five brief responses to that conversation.Too High a View of the Atonementby Thomas R. Thompson My compliments to professors Van Dyk, Hunsinger, and Fackre for their stimulating round-table discussion on a doctrinal topic…

The Filled Hungry and Empty Rich

DECEMBER 2008: ESSAY by Michael Andres We all want God in our life. We are hard-wired that way. We want God to make something of our life, to do something important with us, to make a difference in our lost, dark, and empty world. So, we may ask, with what kind of people does God choose to dwell? What are the characteristics of the people God favors to carry out his plan to heal, redeem, and rescue? The epicenter of…
Michael Andres
December 16, 2008