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Richard Mouw: Reflections on His Writing

Nicholas Wolterstorff When Rich Mouw became president of Fuller Seminary twenty years ago, I and others anticipated that his career as a writer was more or less over; almost all his time would henceforth be consumed by administration and fund-raising. We have been astounded. Rich's pace of publication has quickened…

Liturgy and Lament

JUNE/JULY 2012: INSIDE OUT by Nicholas Wolterstorff "In all their affliction, he was afflicted." Isaiah 63:9 As we human beings travel through life we experience pain and suffering--in part our own, in part that of others. Some of this pain and suffering is noninnocent suffering; it is punishment for, or…

Forty Years Later

Editor's Note: The following convocation address was delivered at the Institute for Christians Studies in Toronto on May 9, 2008, on the occasion of the Institute's 40th anniversary. Founded in 1967 as a distinctly Christian graduate school in the Reformed tradition, the Institute began granting first masters-level degrees and then…

In Reply

The editors of Perspectives invited me to respond to Steve Mathonnet-VanderWell's very interesting article, "Reformed Intramurals: What Neo-Calvinists Get Wrong." I happily accepted the invitation. I have found composing my response difficult, however, since there's little I disagree with and a simple "Amen," I feel sure, is not the response…
Nicholas Wolterstorff
February 1, 2008