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On Watching Hamilton Stream on Disney Plus

I confess to mixed emotions. These emotions ping-pong between gratitude and longing.  Let’s start with the gratitude. Like nearly every theatre person in the world with a good internet connection, I eagerly consumed Lin-Manuel Miranda’s epic musical theatre masterpiece, Hamilton, when it ceremoniously dropped on July 3rd on Disney Plus. Although I had listened to the soundtrack, I had still never actually seen the show. Sadly, the $400+ tickets for the touring productions priced this theatre professor out of the…
Robert Hubbard
July 13, 2020

Less Likeable than Insightful: Schrader’s “First Reformed”

First Reformed presents looks at current social issues through the lens of religion and specifically the eyes of a pastor from a failing Reformed church. To its credit, it attempts to give a well-rounded view of these issues. Pastor Ernst Toller (Ethan Hawke), is recently divorced and has lost his son in the Iraq war. Coming from a long line of male graduates of Virginia Military Institute, Toller had been an armed-services chaplain; he had encouraged his son to enlist…
Robert Hubbard
April 19, 2019

Having Faith on the Great White Way

If you doubt Broadway's cultural capitol, just spend some time in Times Square swimming in it. Broadway is the center of America's cultural center. (For many, the pinnacle of the American theatre sits on roughly ten blocks in the middle of a crowded island named Manhattan. As a loyal Midwesterner and devotee of the wonderful work of America's non-profit, regional theatre, I might gently debate this premise. I do recognize, however, the alluring pull of Broadway.) Millions of audience members…
Robert Hubbard
December 1, 2009