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Faith and Democratic Discourse: Beyond the Liberal-Traditionalist

Reading prominent theological ethicists and social philosophers over the last couple of decades, one might get the impression that liberal democratic values and Christian beliefs are fundamentally at odds. On the one side, liberals, like John Rawls and R ichard Rorty, have worried that religious beliefs are "conversation stoppers" that endanger public consensus in a free and diverse society. They would protect liberal democracy by excluding or severely curtailing the expression of religious convictions in the public realm. On the…
Timothy A. Beach-Verhey
November 16, 2006

Hearing God’s Call in an Ambiguous Age

"May you live in interesting times!" is an old Chinese curse. For those who prize order, clarity, and reliability, interesting times may indeed seem like a curse; they are full of ambiguity, crisis, and change. If you enjoy thinking in new ways, developing new patterns of behavior, adjusting to unprecedented events, then you may consider it a blessing. Whether you thank God or lament it, however, there is no doubt that we live in interesting times for Christians, the Church,…