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Fall on Your Face

I've recently begun living alone in an off-the-grid cabin in Colorado's San Isabel National Forest. No electricity or running water. No f lush toilet. No easy-access concrete driveway or garage. No cell coverage and no landline. I'm the caretaker of the cabin and the land it sits on--twelve mountain acres of lodgepole pines and a pond. Bears live here, too, but there's still snow on the ground, so I don't worry about them just yet. I fret obsessively about other…

Antarctic Commute

My morning commute to work at McMurdo Station, Antarctica, takes about five minutes--on foot. The occasional traffic of bulldozers and forked loaders is light, and the view stuns me more than the cold air in my lungs. As I walk from my shared living space in a crowded dorm to the building where I work maintaining communications with scientists at remote field camps, I like to think of the landscape as a theological topography--a construct within which the mountains, the…
Traci J. Macnamara
March 16, 2006