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Cosmic Companionship

If we practice slowing down and paying attention—if we truly take the Sabbath to heart—we will find that wild geese and herons and burning bushes are everywhere. The world is always offering itself to our imagination!
Travis West
August 30, 2021

Ben’s Quad Aflame (Notes on Shame)

I’ve only been hunting once. It was, on the whole, a memorable experience for all of the right reasons: a handful of days in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula with a few cherished family members, chief among them my grandfather, who was nearing the end of his hunting days; eating lots of junk food; sharing stories in the evenings; ripping through forest paths on my uncle’s four-wheel ATVs (“quads”); being “forced” to wear bunny ears at the restaurant for opening day’s dinner…
Travis West
May 31, 2021

Winter Geese

If Mary Oliver was right, and their south-bound invitation is simply to love what you love, perhaps it's okay to love the north, the cold, and winter too.
Travis West
April 27, 2021

Learning Lament: Remembering Tina

We all hold losses and griefs and trauma that we would wish away from ourselves or our loved ones if we could. But we can’t, of course. What we can do is listen to our stories—and each other’s—for they are wise and patient teachers.
Travis West
March 8, 2021

Unseen Grace: Lent in the Book of Exodus

Western Theological Seminary in Holland, Michigan, has undergone somewhat of a renaissance in its methodology for teaching biblical Hebrew over the last five years. The focus of this renaissance is the orality of the people of Israel, the orality of the Hebrew language, and ultimately the implications of these for the interpretation of the Old Testament. The theory is that if the Old Testament can be approached in a way that takes its orality seriously, then new inroads into the…
Travis West
March 1, 2011