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Rebecca Koerselman

In this episode, Jeff Munroe speaks with Rebecca Koerselman, professor of history at Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa and contributor to the Reformed Journal Blog. Jeff and Rebecca talk about Rebecca's journey from high school history teacher to scholar and professor, where she gets inspiration for her writing, evangelicalism in the United States, and her history-informed perspective on political and social polarization in 2022.
June 9, 2022

“Perennial” by Dave Schelhaas

In this inaugural episode of the Poetry Edition of the Reformed Journal Podcast, Rose Postma interviews Dave Schelhaas about the origins of his poem "Perennial," which was celebrated in the poetry anthology "Final Exam: Poems About Teachers and Their Students."
June 7, 2022

Kate Kooyman

In this episode, Jeff Munroe, editor at the Reformed Journal, talks with Kate Kooyman, author of the most viewed post in the Reformed Journal Blog, "I'm Sick of Appreciating Teachers." Kate is an ordained minister with the RCA, spent 10 years working in the CRC's Office of Social Justice, and currently serves as District Director for Michigan state senator Winnie Brinks. Jeff and Kate discuss Kate's path to becoming a minister, the role of social justice in Christian life, and…
June 3, 2022

April Fiet

In this episode, Steve Mathonnet-VanderWell has a conversation with April Fiet, co-pastor at First Presbyterian Church of Scottsbluff. April is the author of The Sacred Pulse: Holy Rhythms for Overwhelmed Souls and a lover of creativity and delight in life. Steve and April talk about a whimsical crochet project that caught the attention of the Washington Post and MSN, as well as the four "dances" of The Sacred Pulse. You can find more of April's work at

Jon Pott

In this episode, Jeff Munroe, editor at the Reformed Journal, talks with Jon Pott, former editor-in-chief of Williams B. Eerdmans Publishing Company. Jon has had a long career in the Christian publishing industry and has worked on numerous influential volumes, including Eerdmans' Contemporary Writers in Christian Perspective series. Listen to this episode to find out how Jon found himself in the publishing world and hear stories about the interesting people he has collaborated with as an editor.
February 24, 2022

Jim Schaap

In this episode, Steve Mathonnet-VanderWell chats with Jim Schaap, writer and retired Dordt University professor of English. Jim has authored novels, devotionals, and a history of the Christian Reformed Church, and continues to write for his daily blog, as well as hosts the podcast Small Wonders on NPR. In this conversation Steve and Jim discuss the roots of Jim's creative energy, his mission-oriented approach, and his fascination with the Great Plains, the Ghost Dance, and Native American rights, the subjects…

Jeff Crosby

In this episode, Jeff Munroe, editor at the Reformed Journal, talks with Jeff Crosby, President and CEO of the Evangelical Christian Publishing Association. Jeff C has been involved in the Christian publishing industry for nearly four decades, including 5 years as Publisher for InterVarsity Press (IVP). Listen to this week's conversation to hear about how Jeff C found himself in the Christian book business, Jeff's time at IVP, and the future of Christian publishing, as well as get great book…
October 21, 2021

Neal Plantinga

In this episode, Deborah Van Duinen talks with Cornelius (Neal) Plantinga, senior research fellow at the Calvin Institute of Christian worship at Calvin University. Neal has written several books, including Not the Way It's Supposed to Be (Eerdmans, 1995), Christianity Today's 1996 "Book of the Year," and Engaging God's World (Eerdmans, 2002), the 2003 "Book of the Year." Deb and Neal discuss his newest book, Morning and Evening Prayers, why more Christians should use published prayers, how Reformed theology informed…
September 23, 2021

Gayle Boss

In this episode, Deborah Van Duinen, book review editor at the Reformed Journal, talks with Gayle Boss, author of All Creation Waits (2016) and Wild Hope (2020). Gayle shares the stories behind the Advent and Lent devotionals rooted in her deep love for God's creatures, as well as how we can become better caretakers of Creation. More information on Gayle's work can be found at
September 9, 2021