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Welcome to the Perspectives Journal Podcast where we have conversation with thoughtful and interesting people from a generously Reformed Perspective. We’ll be covering topics from theology and church to the arts and sciences.

Today, one of our guest bloggers for the Twelve is with us, Chuck De Groat. He is discussing his article “What in the World Does it Mean to be Reformed?” from May 29, 2018.

Among other things, in this episode we learn more about Chuck DeGroat and his work, we learn what it means to have a generously Reformed perspective, and we learn how to have conversation with humility and curiosity rather than judgement. Furthermore, we discuss difficult topics like what it means to live out our faith, how to wrestle with the question of LGBTQ+ using a generously Reformed perspective, and narcissism in the church. These are simply a list of topics, but the conversation that flowed from them is genuine and intentional–well worth listening to.

We hope you enjoy this episode! Feel free to comment below and let us know what you think!