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Jumping from a great height
Planting a damaged flower, hoping that it will grow,
Getting down on one knee to ask for marriage
These things take courage

From saving a kitten in a tree
To jumping into water to save someone
Or even just buying a coffee for the homeless
Being a kind person takes compassion

Trusting that bad things happen for a good reason
Or that the opportunity you lost was for the best
Hoping that there is a better relationship out there
Through every event in life

To survive takes having blind faith
In the good of all things
Trusting that what’s meant to be
Won’t pass you by.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

K.G. Munro

K.G. Munro is an author and poet. She has been published in various magazines and online publications such as Oddball Magazine, Poetry Potion, Scarlet Dragonfly Journal, Muddy River Review, Literary Yard, Five Itchy Fleas, Spillwords, Feversofthemind, Open Door Magazine, Wingless Dreamer, and Earthly Comforts.