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The only way
will be
the same

at the last
will be

to go home
and sleep.


must not
make the maquette.

Jack Ridl

Jack Ridl is an American poet and former professor of English at Hope College. He is the author of several collections of poetry, has published more than 300 poems in journals, and has work included in numerous anthologies.


  • Annie says:

    I am eager to sit with this poem for awhile, breathe it in. Maquette is a new word for me. The important one for me is “sleep” and what it could mean… thank you Jack.

  • Beth says:

    I agree! As always, such decision-making regarding each word choice, placement, sound, juxtaposition, and spacing. Masterful and beautiful, Jack!!! So spare and yet so full of meaning. Thank you!

  • Jack Ridl says:

    My many thanks, Annie and Beth!