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The perilous journey of monarchs
comes every four generations.

Driven by some response to the slant
of the sun–some peril in the air–

they strive against the miles
to sojourn in their southern Goshen.

Like the families who pile their kids
into RVs and vans and drive away

from the crumbling edges of the world
towards the center,

in search of rolling hills,
white-steepled churches, and verdant valleys

in hopes that the David generation–
full of conflict and bloodshed–

will give way to peaceful Solomon:
philosopher, poet, builder of temples.

Photo by Jessica Fadel on Unsplash

Jessamyn Rains

Jessamyn Rains is a homeschooling mom of four who writes and makes music. Her writing appears or is forthcoming in various publications including Dappled ThingsBearings Online, Spirit Fire Review, and Kosmeo Magazine, which she helps to edit. She lives with her family in Tennessee.