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Mary Magdalene

By April 1, 2007 No Comments


by A.C. Fisher

Encircling her heart and mind,
Darkness ravished her peace and
Buried her soul in its deep
Hell of demon possession.
What can demons do but rape
The psyche until, bloodied and violent,
It rears up as ugly against others
As the hell that controls it?

Mary wept from her depths as her
Body thrashed about in its near-damned
State and then…
The Man approached her.
His compassion shook her
As her frightened eyes looked into
His holy face and she fell prostrate at his feet.
When the agony of hell tore from her heart
And released her soul from destruction at
Just one word from this savior,
She grabbed his ankles, kissed his
Feet and wiped them with her hair.
She followed him the rest of her life
Even as he endured her Hell on the tree.
But when she found the empty tomb,
The perfume she carried turned
Sour in her hand; her heart threatened
To embrace a new despair.
Was that the gardener who so
Casually approached?
Her name spoken lifted
Her to her feet, forced the question,
“Rabboni?” And she ran to hug her
Savior one more time; the risen
Lord restrained her compulsion
In a word and sent her, Mary,
With the Word that saves
The world.

A. C. Fisher is Regional Editor for the Christian Educator’s Journal, to which she contributes a column. She teaches English and Art at Eastern Christian High School in North Haledon, New Jersey, and has been a four-time participant in the University of Iowa Summer Writing Festival.