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For sad people like us

it helps to have pictures—

or rather, new pictures

to displace familiar ones.

Old pictures don’t change.

I once had a picture

of a chicken in mid-flight.

I used to laugh at it.

Now it seems utterly banal

compared to the picture

of you tackling your sister.

In it, you are goofy-gorgeous.

I used to think of life

as an ocean of pictures;

these days I think of it

as a river in linear motion.

Now you have a picture

of me laughing at my picture

of a chicken in mid-flight

and maybe a picture

of me typing this poem.

Where will you put them?

Aaron Belz has published poetry and essays in journals ranging from Boston Review to World Magazine to Books & Culture to the San Francisco Chronicle. His books include The Bird Hoverer (2007), Lovely, Raspberry (2010) and Glitter Bomb (2014). He lives in Hillsborough, North Carolina.