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Got nothing much to say.
The golden trumpet trees
all chucked their blooms today.
The streets were bright with strands.

A corgi on a line
ignored his owner’s will,
tugged toward a dented sign
and marked it as he would.

While on a blue-green bench,
old ladies talked of dreams
then twisted with a wrench
to stare at the mundane.

The sun has set for now,
the sparrows have retired.
The neighbors start to row
and I am plenty tired.

Photo by Keenan Davidson on Unsplash

Greg Huteson

Greg Huteson's poems have recently appeared in THINK, The Honest Ulsterman, Macqueen's Quinterly, The Literary Bohemian, and the Alabama Literary Review, among other publications, and his chapbook, These Unblessed Days, will be published by Kelsay Books in fall 2022. He lives in Taiwan.