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By June 11, 2024 2 Comments

This mountain home weathers backwards
Brown winters, white spring
Water fills the air
Wraps the green
Obscures, hides, conceals, dims
Hand extended disappears

I once met a friend at the gas station here
who said, “Isn’t it wonderful?
I love the mystery and beauty.”

I still pray for the possible oncoming car
Stopped at a sign I cannot see
But now I view a secret too
In the white water-filled air
Wrapping the new spring green
Ambiguous, clandestine, intimate, unseen

You can hear the poet discuss this poem on the Reformed Journal Podcast.

Photo by Tatiana Rodriguez on Unsplash

Olivia Oster

Olivia Oster is a writer living on Lookout Mountain, GA, whose fiction and poetry explore the spiritual aspect of common everyday life as well as the elements of life with which she is most familiar: chronic pain, parenting, gardening, cooking, and homemaking.  She has published A New Grammary, a grammar book focusing on grammar formulas, and a poetry chapbook called Poetic Faith. Olivia is also a teacher, wife, mother of five, and taker of long walks with her rescued dachshund-beagle and chihuahua-mini-pinscher.


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