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In the desert,
the tiny, golden mole
swims across sand dunes,
paddling hard with broad claws.
He zips across the barren terrain,
like a tumbleweed,
diving deep now and then
to cool himself,
finally emerging
for another scoot.
What can he teach us,
this tiny creature of the dust?
Perhaps the answer lies
in the desolation, the thirst.

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

Jo Taylor

Jo Taylor is a retired, 35-year English teacher from Georgia. Her favorite genre to teach high school students was poetry, and today she dedicates more time to writing it, her major themes focused on family, place, and faith. She says she writes to give testimony to the past and to her heritage. She has been published in several journals, both on-line and in print, and in 2021, she published her first collection of poems, Strange Fire.