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Too lots
these lights. Bats
can’t do their gnat trick
bit. Too course
these foods, too bruised
the fruit, blacked the view
Too fierce these fueds
Too true: all sinned,
too sinned, all, and sinning—
too new, too broke too lost this you
too hellbent on winning. Too under the age
too slave

too pain too full

O Lord

Too tired the workers
worked the harvesters
and too few

Photo by Clément Falize on Unsplash

Mischa Willett

Mischa Willett is the author of The Elegy Beta (2020) and Phases (2017) and editor of Philip James Bailey’s Festus (2022). His poems, essays, translations, and academic articles appear in a wide range of venues. He teaches English at Seattle Pacific University. More information can be found at